How Does Reputation Management Define Your Brand?

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Your online reputation needs to be grown, nurtured, and cultivated in order to define your brand. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Building trust is the cornerstone of your business, and the only way to get that is to make reputation management a central part of your digital marketing strategy.

From online review management to social media management, many factors come into play when ensuring you maintain a consistent, positive image with your customers. There are many platforms where you can help manage this, such as social media and third-party review sites and your own website.

They all help you foster your online reputation and ensure you put your best face forward, not only to attract new clients but to nurture your existing connections as well.

Mitigate Negative Reviews

Sure, everyone wants those five-star reviews, but the truth is, you’ll get some not-so-great ones too. It’s important to mitigate the aftermath of negative reviews so they don’t snowball out of control. It can be hard to recover from a bad review if you don’t know how to handle it properly.

According to Forbes, it takes 12 positive experiences to fix the damage incurred with just one unresolved negative experience. And 22 percent of those people who had a bad experience will tell people about it online. Social Media Today points out that just nine percent of people share their story after a positive experience.

Be Responsive

You have a lot of powerful tools at your disposal that allow you to influence and direct the conversation surrounding your branding, according to For that, you’ll need consistent, attentive customer service, blended with engaging, accurate, and compelling writing (web pages, blogs, social media posts, etc.)

It will be tough to shake a poor reputation later if you don’t effectively manage your digital presence every single day. Reputation management is all about being proactive, not reactive.

From real-time review alerts to mobile review apps, there are several ways in which you can stay on top of this.

You’re busy. You don’t have time to manage all those reviews or posts about your business. Why not let someone else do it? Many digital marketing agencies incorporate reputation management into their core offerings to boost your brand. No need to hire a separate PR agency for that.

The bottom line is, it takes time and commitment to nurture a brand. You can’t just set it and forget it.

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