How Copywriting For Websites Compares To Copywriting For Blogs

Copywriting For Blogs And Websites

Copywriting for websites is a lot different than copywriting for blogs, even if all the content ends up online in the end. If you do any sort of writing for your business, you need to adjust your writing to fit your website or blog. In the information below, we will look at how copywriting for websites compares to copywriting for blogs so you can use the right tone for each situation.

Copywriting For Websites

Website content is usually written in a formal, sales-y tone. The goal of this content is to explain your product or service to a potential client in an effort to make a sale. Your product or service may allow you to be slightly informal with your writing, but in most cases, your webpages need to sound professional and authoritative. That is the only way you will gain people’s trust.

Copywriting for websites also has to keep in mind keywords needed for search engine optimization. While this is still something to think about in blog posts, it is not as necessary there as it is in a webpage. Most webpages are made to be landing pages, creating a good first impression when someone finds the website through a search engine. Blog posts are not that way at all.

Copywriting For Blogs

Blogs were originally made to be online diaries where people could vent about their day to day lives on the internet. Suddenly businesses started to realize that they could use blog posts as part of their websites, and blogs took on a whole new purpose. Nevertheless, they still maintained their laid-back feel.

When copywriting for blogs, you need to write as if you are having a conversation with the person reading your post. You are no longer a salesperson. You are a friend, advisor, and confidant. Your writing is allowed to be informal or downright playful in your blog, depending on the nature of your business. Feel free to have a little fun.

How To Switch Between Copywriting Styles

If you are having trouble writing in the right tone for your blog or your website, consider hiring someone else to do your copywriting for you. This person may be in charge of part or all of your copywriting needs. If you still want to do all the work on your own, just try to think about what you would want to see if you were visiting your website for the first time. Make your blog posts fit the image you want to portray.