Finding Creative Ways To Market A “Boring” Business

Find Creative Ways To Market Your Boring Business

Not every business is going to have “super exciting mega ultra killer wow-tastic” announcements every time it makes a blog post or puts content on the web. The fact is that many of the businesses needed for this world to function are on the verge of “boring.” They’re necessary – even vital – to their communities, but they lack the natural spark that gets people interested about them. That’s where some creative marketing comes into play.

Identify The Audience’s Needs

If you don’t have a product or service that will sell through “excitement,” perhaps you can market its practicality. Laundry detergent isn’t particularly thrilling, but Tide markets the fact that its detergent lasts longer than cheaper alternatives. People need laundry detergent, and most of them are looking for ways to save money. Tide was smart enough to tap into that idea. Think about what your audience needs your business for, and play into that idea in marketing.

Promote The Honesty Of Your Business

The worst thing you can do in marketing is try to sell your business as something that it is not. If you make people believe they are getting more than what you have to offer, you’re setting them up for disappointment. Not only will this reflect poorly on your business, but it will also turn away future customers. Even if all you have to offer are “boring” products and services, you need to be truthful about them.

Focus On Value

Every aspect of your business has some sort of value. You need to find new ways to show people what that value is. For instance, let’s say you tint car windows for a living. Rather than promoting it as an aesthetic service, perhaps you can show people how much cooler tinted windows make the temperature of their cars. Cooler temperatures mean less air conditioning used, which means less energy used overall. When your clients can see the full benefits of your business, they are more likely to work with you.

Reach Out In New Ways

If you’ve always relied on flyers and the phone book to promote your business, it’s time for you to think outside the box. Participate in a local event that shows you are a part of the community. Promote your business online and draw in a newer, more modern group of clients. Give away something big like a new roof or a new car to get a big surge of interest. You never know what will work until you just go for it. For more tips contact our marketing specialist at Detroit Internet Marketing.