Creating Content That Meets Panda’s High Quality Standards

Create Quality Content To Meet Panda Update

When Google’s Panda algorithm first came out in February, 2011, it shifted the rules for search engine optimization entirely. Google began to focus on the quality of sites in their search results, rather than sites with extensive keyword incorporation. This was expected to primarily impact content farms, or sites that pull content from other sites in an effort to rank well in many different keywords. It ended up impacting much more than that though.

If your site was hit hard by the Panda update or you simply want to avoid being labeled a “low-quality” website in the future, consider these tips for creating content that meets Panda’s standards.

Become A Trustworthy Authority For Whatever You Write

If your content is nothing more than keywords surrounded by fluff sentences, you’re going to get docked. Ask yourself, “Would I trust the person who wrote this article?” You have to come across as an authority on whatever subject you’re writing about. The easiest way to do this is to write what you know. If you’re a plumber, write about clogged toilets and septic systems. If you’re a fitness expert, write about diet and exercise. Don’t stretch yourself too far beyond your comfort zone just to incorporate a couple key phrases here and there.

Write Articles People Genuinely Want To Read

What are your clients and site visitors yearning to read about? What information do you have to offer that they don’t already know? You have to make sure your content fulfills the needs of the reader, not what you think you need to boost your ranking. Rather than posting an article about “How To Find The Best Roofers In XXX,” write about the pros and cons of various roofing materials your company has to offer. Which article would you be more likely to read in the end? Your readers will probably feel the same way.

For a fool proof way to write quality content, just avoid any topic that is complete common sense. People know that leaky roofs can lead to mold, structural damage, etc. What they don’t know is how to identify the signs of a leak before it becomes a big problem. This is the kind of information you want to put out on your site.

Take Time Crafting Quality Content

Don’t just slap a page of content together and hope for the best. If you have spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, typos and bad sentences throughout your articles, people will begin to question the quality of your site and business as a whole. It doesn’t take much to look over something you’ve written before you publish it to your site. That effort will go a long way in preserving your ranking with Panda.

How Will Google Know All This?

Of course, Panda and other Google algorithms have no way of technically assessing the value of your content. Instead, they assess the way other people interact with that content. You have to focus on your readers because they are the ones that are casting the votes at Google, so to speak. Read over this blog post from Google employee Amit Singhal to get an even better understanding or how to create high quality site content.