How To Boost The Page Rank For Old Webpages

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New webpages have a tendency to rank better than old pages because of their increased visibility and higher traffic levels. Your SEO strategies now are probably much more evolved than they were a year ago, which also contributes to the ranking each of your pages earns. With that in mind, you may have old webpages lingering on your website that simply aren’t getting the credit and attention they deserve.

The guide below shows how to boost the page rank for old webpages so you can direct visitors throughout your website.

Promote Old Pages In A New Way

You might know that a webpage is old, but that doesn’t mean that your visitors are going to know that. Promote the page as if you just published it, and you’ll be surprised by how many fresh eyes make their way to a once forgotten article or webpage. Throw a link to the webpage on your home page and show it off on your social media accounts. If you have a slideshow on your home page, you may even consider making it one of the featured slides. By employing simple internet marketing techniques, you can drastically improve the page rank for any webpage on your site.

Pro Tip: Link pages with high page rankings to the old pages in a natural way. Interlinking will improve your site’s navigation and boost PR across the board.

Enhance The Content

One of the biggest factors in Google page ranking is the content on the page itself. The fresher the content is and the more value it offers to visitors, the higher the ranking will be. Take some time to add solid statistics (with backlinks) to the content on the page, and create backlinks to other pages on your site. You may also need to add headings and images to the page to make it match the current format of your site better.

Pro Tip: Put a “Last updated on…” disclaimer somewhere on the page so people can see how recent the content is. If you use WordPress for your content management system, you can change the publishing date and get the same basic effect.

Check For And Remove Errors On The Page

Reread the content carefully, and make sure the information currently on the page is grammatically correct and error-free. This is especially true if you once outsourced your content to non-native English speakers. Check for broken links to pages that are no longer on your website or on the internet as a whole. These will hurt your page ranking and emphasize just how old the page really is. A fresh touch will do wonders for your PR and web marketing as a whole.

Pro Tip: Keep a list of webpages on your site that contain statistics, and update those statistics at least once a year. This gives you a chance to freshen up the content in a natural way, and it keeps the information as valid as possible.