Tips For Blog Post Titles

blog post title

The title of a blog post determines how interested people are in reading it. The title is the first thing that people see when they look at an article, and it is the element that convinces them to read what you have to say. By learning the right way to title your blog posts, you can significantly improve the traffic they generate for your website and your business as a whole. Here are some tips to help you craft the perfect title for every blog post.

Explain What The Post Is About 

Your title should always give a hint as to what your blog post is about. You don’t have to blatantly tell people the punch line, but you need to let them know what they are going to be reading about. The title “Clean Teeth” will not be as powerful as “How to Brush and Floss Your Teeth.” If you explain what the post is going to be about from the beginning, people will be drawn in to read about a subject of interest.

Use Keywords In The Titles 

In the back of your mind, you always have to be thinking about your keywords. These fuel the way that people find and read information on the internet. If your post title contains a word that people would most likely be searching for, the post will show up better in search engines, and people will be more inclined to click on it. You may not be able to use a keyword in its exact form every time, but you should still consider your target keywords as you write.

Add A Hook 

You may be able to entice your audience with a creative hook, rather than blatantly outlining what the article will be about. This is especially true in entertainment blogs where the audience is more likely to look for controversy or creativity. If you can use a little wit in your titles, you may be able to catch people’s eyes. Rather than titling something “A Review of the 4G Network,” you could make it something like “4Get about 4G.” This will not work for every industry, but it may be a good fit for your business.

Leave It To The Pros 

If you don’t want to hassle with coming up with the perfect blog post titles, leave the task to your SEO company. Their writers will have the exact words you need to make a lasting impact on your audience.