Basic Link Building Do’s And Don’ts

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Link building is a key aspect of marketing a business online. The more links you have on the internet, the more “buzz” our website will have. This helps draw in new clients, and it also shows search engines that your website is worth taking notice of. The only problem is that some link building techniques do more damage than good. Here are some basic link building do’s and don’ts to help grow your website.

Know The Difference Between Good Links And Bad Links

Guest blog posting was huge a few years ago because it was a free or nearly-free source of backlinks. While there is still some merit to posting a blog article on someone else’s site, you need to make sure that site is worth linking from. Try to get a website that has a similar niche or audience to yours. You’ll want to keep the site’s page rank and overall content in mind as well. If it has a low ranking or content that is purely a collection of guest posts, you’re probably not going to get much out of it.

Don’t Choose Your Own Anchor Text

Google has gotten really finicky about anchor texts in its most recent updates. Rather than choosing an anchor text that suits the target keywords for your website, let the site you’re linking from choose what they feel is best. For instance, if I want to link to Google, I may choose the anchor text “the internet’s biggest search engine” because it fits the sentence I want it in. If you stop controlling your anchor text, your links will seem more natural and hold more value.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Nofollow Links

Nofollow links were once considered bad because they would not count toward a website’s page rank. However, new evidence indicates that Google still looks at these nofollow links for crawling purposes and thus factors them into your overall ranking. Don’t be afraid to work with another website if they only offer nofollow links. They may still be able to help you in the end.

Keep Trying New Techniques

You never know what SEO strategy will work until you give it a try and assess the results. If you have an idea for link building that is a bit unconventional, go for it. As long as the links you put out there are accompanied by quality content, you should be able to help your website grow. We have done the testing and know what works to help your business grow online. Give us a ring at Detroit Internet Marketing to learn more about our services like SEO, internet marketing, and website design.