Avoid These Major Article Rewriting Mistakes

article rewriting

Article rewriting is a common practice when it comes to writing content for the web. A lot of website owners will pay an article rewriter in an effort to save money, rather than creating unique content for their websites. This can lead to disaster if you are not careful. If you are rewriting content from somewhere else online, follow these tips to avoid fatal blows to your search engine ranking.

Cite Your Resources

If you are pulling information from a news site or other reputable online resource, you need to make sure you provide a link back to the original content. This shows your readers that you are using quality, verifiable information to create your webpages and blog posts. When you backlink to the original source though, make sure you set the link to open in a new tab. You can either do this by selecting the option in your content management system or by using this HTML code:

<a href=”LINK” target=”_blank”>ANCHOR TEXT</a>

Use Multiple Sources of Information

It’s always a good idea to use more than one resource for article rewriting. This reduces your chance of accidentally – or intentionally – plagiarizing the content. It also ensures that you write the correct information, since difference sources may express different viewpoints. If you are working with a copywriter to create your content, make sure he or she knows to use multiple resources for the articles or webpages. This will keep the writing as accurate as possible.

Use A Plagiarism Checker To Verify Uniqueness

By using a plagiarism checker like Copyscape to analyze your website content, you can avoid posting copied work online. We offer a full guide for this here: How To Run A Plagiarism Check On Your Website Content. Plagiarism is by far the greatest risk that comes along with article rewriting, and it is one that you can easily check for online. Take the extra step to verify that your content is unique before you put your name on it.

Add Your Own Spin To The Content

It’s always a good idea to change up and add to whatever content you’re rewriting. This will make it look more unique, to the point that most people won’t question its validity. You can add your own opinion to an article or provide a different set of information to go along with it so it becomes something of your own.

If you are going to be citing your sources in your rewritten article, make sure your article does not look too similar to the original. Change the format and emphasize different information so your readers won’t question your authority.