6 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Important

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With the evolution of digital marketing strategies, you may wonder if email marketing is still an important component of your overall online strategy. The answer is yes. As long as people use email, it will remain important. Creating a robust email marketing strategy not only allows you to connect with your target audience in a more personalized way, it can help you increase sales at the most affordable cost.

Check out these top six reasons why email marketing in Metro Detroit is still important and should remain an integral part of your approach.

1.    Email Marketing Helps You Stay in Contact With Your Audience

Emails keep your customers informed. They’re reliable ways of keeping in touch with your audience, in a non-direct, non-confrontational way. People can check their email at their own convenience and decide to click and respond, or not – unlike text messaging which can get invasive when used too much.

2.    Email Marketing Helps You Reach Customers in Real-Time

About 42 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices, so if you’re looking to engage with customers on the go, email marketing is the way to do it. Going a step further, if you craft a well-designed email, you can produce even higher conversion rates on mobile than on desktop. Why not get your customers on the go, and meet them where they are?

3.     Email Marketing Engages People

Email dates back 40 years already! It has certainly evolved since then, but it hasn’t wavered from its main goal of being an efficient form of communication. Email is one of the fastest choices of communication for individuals and businesses alike. There are many actions one can take with an email: ignore, forward, rely, click through, delete, buy or sign up. In this vein, emails are extremely interactive and can inspire people to follow through.

4.    Email Marketing is Easy to Measure

Most email marketing tools allow you to track the results after sending your email. You can take a look at delivery rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, and open rates. The result? You gain a better understanding of how your email campaign is working, how effective it is, and which areas you need to improve on. Just be aware of your email frequency, as sending too many emails to customers can result in an increase in unsubscribe rates. Above all, you want to provide valuable content, not just frequent content.

5.    Email Marketing is Affordable

Email marketing allows you to reach a large number of people for less than pennies per message. Due to this low cost, it’s a no-brainer for companies to include it in their campaigns. Many email marketing services do this for free. However, if you’re looking at sending thousands of emails a month to various consumer groups, it’s wise to hire a digital marketing company to schedule and handle these.

6.    Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

Sure, social media campaigns are designed to boost your brand awareness, but emails can do that too. The fact that you have a consumer’s email address in your possession means that they have shown an interest in what you have to offer at some point. Tap into that interest level and boost your brand awareness by staying at the forefront of their minds.

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