5 Website Design Principles to Keep in Mind For 2024

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The way in which we interact with websites has drastically changed over the years. This ever-evolving digital ecosystem will see even more dramatic changes that will surely impact our online experiences next year. What does a website of the future look like and what can you expect in website design for 2024?

1.  Focus on User Experience (UX)

The ultimate user experience: this is the goal of many website design companies this year, and it’s what the people want. That’s because every interaction users make with your website is vitally important, whether before, during or after making a purchase. From text to videos to headlines, from the cart to the home page, UX is going to be front and center.

2.  Moving Typography

What is this exactly? Moving typography is basically the movement of your website’s pictures, buttons, and text through the use of animation. Incorporating this element into your website will help users navigate seamlessly through it without coming across a lot of clutter. And if you think moving typography will slow down your website’s performance, think again. Just don’t go overboard and you will be able to capture the attention of potential customers and keep them on your site.

3.  Voice Search

Voice search was popular last year and it will continue to be popular in 2024. Not only does voice search improve SEO, it will contribute greatly to customer satisfaction and usability. Be sure to plan voice search into your web design strategy for next year.

4.  The Nostalgia Effect

Go back in time and tap into the nostalgia of decades past. Whether your target audience is in their 30s and you want to hark back to the 90s, or your target audience is approaching their 50s and you want to target the excess of the 80s, the goal here is to bring back memories of their childhood. It’s important to foster a sense of fondness for a certain era and strengthen the emotional connection with your website and brand. From retro products and fonts to old-tech animations, the use of nostalgic designs will be big next year.

5.  Design Simplicity

Web designers would be wise to focus on minimalistic designs backed by clear and clean creativity. There are many reasons why simplicity of design is beneficial. It:

  • Puts users at ease without making them feel too overwhelmed with website clutter.
  • Reduces loading speed.
  • Boosts brand identity thanks to a consistent, memorable visual language that strengthens brand identity. Use fewer colors and simpler text.
  • Offers greater accessibility. By using precise langue and minimizing complex layouts, you can ensure a more user-friendly website that targets all your demographics.

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