5 Ways To Get More People To Read Your Blog

Person Reading Blog On Website

Do you ever feel like you are putting out blog content that no one is really reading? Don’t you wish you could change that? Believe it or not, there are some simple steps you can take to dramatically improve your blog’s audience. You just have to be willing to put yourself out there. Here are five ways to get more people to read your blog.

1 – Write More Interesting Content

This may sound like an insult to your writing abilities, but hear me out. A lot of bloggers write about things they know, which may not necessarily be things people want to read about. You might be knowledgeable in how to properly seal a letter, but you’d be better off writing about the “Top 5 Strangest Stamps Ever Made.” Put out content that people are naturally going to say, “Huh? I must look into that.”

2 – Choose Enticing Titles

The title of your post will have a big impact in how many people click into it. For instance, with the stamps post I mentioned above, the title could have easily been “5 Weird Looking Stamps.” While it still gets the same point across, it isn’t gripping enough for me to want to click into. Turning it into a top five list of all time is what made it desirable.

3 – Write about Recent News

A lot of bloggers are starting to build their audiences just by monitoring the news and relaying interesting articles to other people. This is a way to associate your blog with viral content and make it a source for new, interesting information. You can still post helpful articles on a regular basis, but perhaps 50% of your blog posts should be about news related to your niche.

4 – Write on a Predictable Schedule

Don’t just make your blog posts sporadic and scatter-brained. Create a schedule for your articles and stick to it. Your readers will come back week after week if they know there is predictability and consistency in your work. As a bonus, you may want to create a theme for each day you post. Monday is a news topic, Tuesday is a DIY project…whatever you want to do. Readers love being able to rely on a schedule.

5 – Keep the Content Coming

The lazier you get with your blog, the less people will want to return to it. You have to keep putting out content or hire a copywriter that can do that for you. Satisfy the thirst of your eager readers, and you will be able to build an audience in no time.

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