Website Writing Guide: How To Write An About Us Webpage

about us webpage

The About Us webpage on your website is designed to tell visitors more about your company, your life, your staff, your goals, etc. This page paints a clear picture of what your site is all about. You can write just about anything on an About Us page as long it relates to your history or services. To unleash the full potential of your website though, you need a biographical page that converts leads to sales.

Here is a guide explaining how to write an About Us webpage so you can gain new clients for your business.

Information To Include On Your About Us Webpage

Your About Us page will obviously need to be customized to your business, but it should include these basic components:

  • Date Of Establishment (“Our company was founded in…”)
  • Founders, Staff Members, And Other Important People In The Business
  • Business Motto
  • Brief Explanation Of Services (“We are a roofing company with experience in roof repair, shingle replacement…”)
  • Contact Information, Or A Link To The Contact Us Page
  • Company History

If your company has been around for a long time, you may want to create a timeline showing how the business has transformed over the years. Add old photographs from when the business was first started to show how far you have come. Give visitors a complete picture of where your business once was and where it is now so they can feel confident working with you.

How To Write A Compelling Biography

When you go to write your biography or company history, you want to show off the company’s best features. Some examples of compelling content include:

  • “Family owned and operated”
  • “Over 50 years of experience”
  • “First ever bank in Michigan”
  • “Local manufacturers”
  • “Longest running movie theater in Detroit”
  • “Largest clothing store in the Midwest”

You get the idea. Highlight the qualities that make your business stand out from the competition. Put the most important qualities in bold text so people are immediately drawn to them. In essence, you want to emphasize your “selling points” to convince leads to work with you. This is a great way to gain new clients when you cannot speak with them in person because they will see just how you can fulfill their needs. With the right website writing from the start, people will naturally reach out to learn more.

For Big Companies, Break Up The About Us Page

If you have a big company with a longstanding history, a 400 word About Us page may not be enough for you. Separate this into a series of pages that are all interlinked with one another. You can have a page for your history, your staff, your motto, and anything else you want to discuss on your website. Add however many pages you need to let visitors know what you’re all about.

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